almond flavored canoli filling piped into a martini glass with crushed patachios and chocolate shavings with pastry chips

Unholy Cannoli (Boozy Cannoli)

Unholy Cannoli ( Boozy Cannoli ) You will love this new deliciously sinful, Boozy Cannoli. It’s an easy Italian Cannoli with Amaretto custard cream, chocolate, and pistachios. This recipe features

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grilled steamed oysters with toppings of green onion, backon, cheese, and rockafeller sauce

Mother Shuckers (Chargrilled Oysters)

Mother Shuckers (Chargrilled Oysters) Smoky chargrilled Oysters with zesty butter sauce green onion bacon sausage and cheese Ingredients Oysters Sauce Butter Green onions Lemons Garlic Creole Seasoning Red Pepper flakes

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Rude Food for Thought

Rude Food Friday

I knew I could count on you to find our Rude Friday meme! Now all you have to do is try to forget what you saw! The moral of this

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