Shut up liver! You’re not the boss of me.

Oaks Lilly Punch ingredients - lemonade, cranberry juice, vodka, orange liqueur

Lusty Lilly

After partaking this refreshing punch based on the Kentucky Derby Oaks Lilly, you may have a bad reputation.  This cocktail will sneak up on you

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Tropical Rum cocktail with orange and limes

(Johnny) Depp Charge

(Johnny) Depp Charge Why is the Rum always gone?  Because this drink may be the best we ever Heard of! ‘Johnny’ is Dramatic, Whipped, and

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limoncello just out of the freeze

Lemon Mutha-Pucker

Who doesn’t love an icy Limoncello?  Such a beautiful Italian tradition.  Many will enjoy it as an after-dinner- but it is a treat at any

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clamato, mexican beer, sangrita, and garnish - michelada

Beerded Clam

Don’t even try to tell us you’ve never heard the phrase “bearded clam.” Maybe as a tongue in cheek reference to female anatomy. Maybe as

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Caramel infused vodka martini

F’ckn Werthy Martini

This candy-infused cocktail may be the most shamelessly decadent Martini ever… Are you Werthy?   Yes? Should you apologize for indulging in such a luxurious masterpiece? 

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Gin cocktail served in a bird shaped glass.

Little Pecker

Ladies don’t always appreciate Little Peckers… You may not think of Cuss Kitchen as true bird lovers- but we ARE! So much so we named

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