Party Like a F*#kin Rockstar

Our Origin Story . . .

Are your friends Sweet, Demure, and Soft-spoken? 

Ok- A Cuss Kitchen®® Party is not for you…🤐

If they are Creative, Boisterous, and Love to laugh- Read On!

Inspiration:  One girls night- the hostess with the mostest was speaking of having a “Test Kitchen” Party to sample our collective appetizer recipes. One of our not-so-innocent friends, thought she said “Cuss Kitchen®®”  Party, and it was like a Lightning strike…

“HOLY SH*T! That sounds way better! ” And the Cuss Kitchen®® was born.

At our first CK party, we had 22 ladies bring their own inspired dishes. Of all the themed parties this crazy group of friends has had, this was the most unique by far.  Each dish that came through the door was more outrageous and more hysterical than the last .…things like ‘Teeny Weenies’, “F*ck Rolls in the Hay’, and ‘Good Pizza Ass’ to name a few.  We had never seen this side of one another, and we laughed until we cried.

Host Your Own Cuss Kitchen® Party

Have your guests make or invent their own original dish with a nasty name, or have them try Cuss Kitchen®® recipes and bring them to the party.



Cuss Kitchen®® theme parties offer endless possibilities for hilariously uninhibited fun. Check out our recipes and links for everything you need to put together a truly unforgettable party–from inspiration and ideas to how-to’s and supplies, the unpredictably rude and risqué end result will have you and your guests howling with laughter. Mix up some Sleezy Capreezey or Skinny Whore-jitos and showcase all of your most naughty creativity, with Cuss Kitchen®’s help. Better yet, take pictures and share your experience with us to earn an exclusive Cuss Kitchen®® surprise!

Seriously, what the @#$%& are you waiting for?

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