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Super Tasty Desserts

Dunkin Donut Holes dipped in melted chocolate, crushed oreos with pipettes filled with liquor

Boozy A-Holes

These donut holes have an A rating in our Book!  A-Holes!  The easiest/most popular dessert you will ever bring to a party.  What could be

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You Mocha Me Crazy

You Mocha Me Crazy What could be better than an easy light and fluffy Mocha cream and chocolate chip cookie dessert?  The perfect solution for

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chocolate grenache pie with oreo cookie crust and whole raspberries topping

Berrylicious Porn Pie

Berrylicious Porn Pie The Berrylicious Porn Pie is a delicious Oreo and Ganache dessert with raspberry topping.  This dessert is the ultimate FOOD PORN. Pictures

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chipotle flavored chocolate covered patties

Hot Damn! Chocolate Patties

Hot Damn! Chocolate Patties Old-fashioned chocolate patties with a Smokey, Spicy new twist.  There is something irresistible about smokey-hot Chipotle and sweet chocolate.  These chocolates

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layered dessert of brownie, oreos, and chocolate chip cookies


How could the Cuss Kitchen be complete without a “Slutty Brownie”?  The Urban Dictionary describes them as a “chocolatey froth-pile of satisfaction”.  The recipe first

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boozy cherry chocolate parfait

Cherry Popper Parfait

This dessert will Pop Your Cherry!  (Even you reconstituted virgins out there) What could be better the chocolate fudge cake, Bourbon-soaked cherries, Chocolate pudding, Chocolate

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