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Plow & Hearth
artichoke spinach and chicken in a creamy cheese sauce sitting in a wonton wrapper bowl

Chokin’ the Chicken

Arti- Chokes of course… What were you thinking? Melty Asiago and Parmesan, Spinach, Artichoke, and Chicken goodness in a crispy Wonton cup.  They will melt

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baked deviled eggs topped with everything bagel spice

You Sexy Devil

Sexy Baked and Spiced Deviled Eggs with Rosemary and Everything Bagel topping.  Eggs never looked so good!  Sinful? not so much…these eggs are Vegetarian, Gluten-free,

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Campri tomatoes stuffed with black bean hummus and spicy guacamole

Whoop hAss

Bring the Whoop hAss to your next party!   This appetizer creates an explosion of freshness in your mouth-fresh and bright tomato cups, matched with the

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steak bites

Fillet -EO

Fillet- EO,  just sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? These glazed steak bites are spicy, sexy, and will melt in your mouth.  Perfect

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