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Deliciously Rude Cocktails (Funny Cocktails that Inspire)

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Why do we have to take our Cocktails so seriously? 

We think you should be laughing as you enjoy delicious and funny cocktails at your next gathering.

Creating an original cocktail can be hard work, but it can also be fun.  Mixologists may have to make 20 versions before a recipe is just right, and some times all of that liquid inspiration can lead to an epiphany – a funny drink name sets a hilarious party theme, captures the essence of crazy friends, or is just spectacularly awkward.

Cocktail names can be as funny as their creators- and especially if they are for parties.  Shouldn’t they set the mood? –  a deliciously rude mood?    Who doesn’t love Fun and Inappropriate Cocktails? (If you know any – Uninvite!)

At Cuss Kitchen® we know that cursing is our Super Power, and we embrace our inner-trash talk.  We also rely on friends and contributors who are funny, clever, and sometimes a little smutty.  (We keep telling them that this is the Cuss Kitchen®– not the Forni-kitchen!)  

In any case, we have collected some of the funniest cocktail names and recipes to be found.  LYAO and enjoy some Libation Inspiration – fun cocktail recipes for your next party.  Grab your cocktail shaker and shake up the party.


Heavy kitchen towel that says "If Swearing Burned Calories, I'd Be One Skinny Bitch"

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Ridiculously Funny Cocktails to Enjoy


Brown Cow Cocktail   This chocolate brown cow drink is easy to make with only two ingredients. Kahlua and milk are shaken together for a creamy spiked dessert cocktail that tastes like coffee-flavored chocolate milk.  Try one- So easy to make






Duck Fart Shot This rich, creamy treat is perfect for any occasion. So fire up the espresso machine, and let’s get started on this tasty shot recipe.  Hey Bartender!






Peanut Butter and Coconut cocktail with chocolate rim and marshmallow garnish


Slow Skrew  Cozy up to a comfortable Slow Skrew!  This unique and delicious whiskey cocktail recipe features Skrewball Whiskey and is a peanut butter lover’s Dream.  Creamy and tropical – the Slow Skrew has a funny way of delighting you… Cheeky!



The Devil's Not Done with me Yet Cocktail

The Devil’s not done with me yet  (Bourbon Cider Cocktail)  The Sultan of Sin has delivered a delicious Bourbon, Cider, and Ginger Beer Elixir.  The combination of Bourbon, Apple Cider, and Ginger Beer make the perfect Fall cocktail.  A delicious and cozy Fall libation to refresh your soul, or lead you into temptation




Hilarious & Funny Cocktails


VER liqueur in front of palms. There are also two cocktails with rosemary garnish

Reconstituted VERgin   It’s a little-known FACT….TRUTH…. OK, ABSTRACT CONCEPT, that if you haven’t had sex in 6 months, you are a virgin all over again, and there is conjecture that this magical and earthy elixir may pave the way! And if it doesn’t, well it is still an absolutely delicious cocktail.




mango lassi cocktail

Drunken MILF  Hot Moms are nothing new!  So, we think it is important that MILF’s have a delicious and refreshing drink to call their own – our Mango Lassie Cocktail.  Make the Lassi!  Embrace your MILFieness with a refreshing Mango smoothie that features Coconut Rum and Nutmeg.  Subtly sweet and tangy, the perfect accessory to your summer soire.




Caramel infused vodka martini

F’ckn Werthy Martini  This infused Carmel and Chocolate Martini may be the most shamelessly decadent caramel Martini recipe ever…   We infuse Vodka with Werther’s Candy for a combination of sweet and salty, and a creaminess that is hard to resist.  Are you Werthy? Abso-F#ckn-Loutely! 






small bag

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Cheeky Cocktails


Call me an Uber   I have your next favorite blueberry cocktail right here. Made with homemade blueberry simple syrup, vodka and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine cocktail is sweet, dry perfection.  So much deliciousness – you may have to say ‘Call me an Uber’… Perfect Summer Cocktail





Brain Hemorrhage Cocktail   To look at them you’d never imagine the delicious flavor of this strange combination of ingredients.  The look is a cross between a lava lamp and something you might find in a forensic science laboratory- Fun and creepy- but giggle worthy





key lime pie flavored martini


Shameless Tart   The Shameless Tart is a Brazen Hussy of a Key Lime Pie Martini recipe. If you love the famous sweet and tart pie,  this Key Lime Pie Martini is everything your craving.  The Shameless Tart is  a tropical blend of Coconut Rum, Vodka, Agave, Heavy cream, Vanilla,  and Key limes- finished with a crushed graham cracker rim, and a lime wedge or wheel.




Barbie meme


Sassy Cocktails


 Buttery Nipple shot combines butterscotch Schnapps and Baileys Irish cream to create a fun layered shot that goes down incredibly smooth.



frosty comopolitan drink with infused blackberry brandy tapioca balls


Not Your Man’s Balls  Dirty Martini- Hah!–  It has nothing on this impressive Cosmo cocktail recipe.  Brandy– infused Boba’s create the feeling of a prize at the bottom of your drink.




Cocktail with rose wine, vodka, citrus juices, rushed ice and pomegranate pearls.

Southern Humidititties   is a frozen Rosé and Vodka cocktail- a summer drink that adds the chill to chillin.  Easy to make and keep in your freezer, it’s slushy goodness blends the juices of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Pomegranate, with Rose wine, Vodka and fresh Mint.





Gin cocktail served in a bird shaped glass.

Little Pecker

The Little Pecker is a fresh and delicious tropical Gin cocktail that packs a subtle zing.  Guajillo chili simple syrup is the secret ingredient that sets this cocktail apart.  The gummy worm adds fun, while the Rosemary adds a beautiful and spicy fragrance.  Unfortunately ladies don’t always fully appreciate Little Peckers…








The AMF Drink (aka Adios MF Drink, Adios Mother F Drink, is as strong as it is pretty and tasty. It packs a wallop, thanks to FIVE different kinds of alcohol. Think of it as a Long Island Iced Tea’s prettier cousin.






Pickleback Cocktail Combine the popular shot and chaser combo for a fun pickle juice cocktail! Garnish your Pickleback cocktail with fresh dill and pickle spear.




Hey Autocorrect quit tampering with my curse words, Mother Forklift


Sexy Cocktails


pecan pie flavored martini with pecan and carmel coated rim


Tini Indiscretion  You will love this Pecan Pie Martini recipe.  Enjoy Creme de Cacao liqueur, Rumchata, Bourbon, and a chopped Pecan – caramel rim.  Ultimately, You may find yourself cheating on your go-to Martini- but it’s just a ‘Tini’ Indiscretion…Perfect Fall cocktail





Pornstar Martini  This Pornstar Martini, sometimes called the passion fruit martini, is a passion fruit sour made with vodka, passion fruit purée and passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup and vanilla. Served with a shot of sparkling wine on the side, it’s a fun and delicious sipper with tropical flavors and aroma- a fun twist on a classic.  Sip and enjoy.  This Martini is fun and memorable.

Midori Melon Margarita with lime in front of a wooden board
Honey Dew Me  Needing a little special attention?  We know what’s #1 on your Honey Dew list!  Enjoy A honey Dew flavored Midori and Tequila Margarita – A blend of fresh, sweet and tart – a vacation in your cocktail glass.   A great twist on the classic.  This is the boozy confection you will serve again and again.




glass with a ice and mezcal drink garnished with a lime and jalapeno

The Stiffy  (a Mezcal Guajillo Cocktail)   Are you in need of a Stiffy?  Well, you definitely need to try a Mezcal Guajillo Cocktail ..This delicious Mezcal beverage is balanced with the citrusy Cointreau and fresh lime juice. The mix is amped up with Guajillo Pepper simple syrup and a Chipotle sugar rim.  This XXX recipe delivers a slightly sassy chili tang, with wonderful smoke, and spice.  So fill your cocktail shaker with ice, add all ingredients, mix, and Shake well.  Belly up to el Mezcaleria! Tasty!






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FAQ’s of Funny Cocktails

Why will my guests love funny cocktails?

A great cocktail is an experience. Of course a cocktail should be delicious, have a beautiful appearance and an interesting garnish, but isn’t it even better if its a unique cocktail that is fun? Awkward Cocktail, Funny Cocktail, Sexy Cocktail, even a Dirty cocktail- Cocktails that capture your guests and make them laugh will be the talk of the party.


Why are funny drinks trendy?
Humor reduces stress, and a cocktail can do that too. Whether it’s an awkward drink like the Duck Fart or Southern Humidititties, a sexy cocktail, like Tini Indiscretion, or a slightly Dirty Cocktail like Not Your Man’s Balls, you can add some laughter and Libation Inspiration to your next gathering – So get the party started with a fun cocktail menu.



Deliciously Rude Cocktails go with


finished shutthef-upcake - cupcake with alcohol pipette

Deliciously Rude Food

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Cuss Kitchen®- for the Best Rude Food and Funny Cocktails

VER liqueur in front of palms. There are also two cocktails with rosemary garnish
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Deliciously Rude Recipes

Recipes to make you laugh- Awkward name Recipes, Funny name Recipes, Sexy name Recipes, and Dirty name Recipes to make at home
Prep Time15 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: alcoholic drinks, Awkard names for cocktails, Awkward cocktails, Bachelorette cocktails, Brunch cocktails, Cheeky cocktails, Cocktail menu, Cocktails for Sassy Bitches, Cocktails to make you laugh, Cocktails with funny names, Cocktails with Sass, Comedic names for cocktails, Deliciously rude cocktails, Dirty Cocktails, Drinks to make guests laugh, fun cocktail recipes, Funny adult drinks, funny alcoholic drinks, funny drinks, Funny named cocktails, Funny names for cocktails, Girls night cocktails, Great party cocktails, Happy hour cocktails, Hilarious cocktails, ladies cocktails, Ridiculaously funny cocktails, Riduculously named cocktails, Rude Cocktails, Sassy cocktails, Sexy cocktails, Silly names for cocktails, Super funny cocktails, Unique cocktails
Yield: 14
Author: M. Redrinkulous


  • Cocktail Glasses
  • Shaker
  • Cocktail Picks
  • Fruit for Garnish


  • Ice cubes
  • Alcohols
  • Fruit juices
  • Spice
  • Garnish


Assemble Hilarious Cocktails for your Event

  • Chose the cocktail that suits your friends, and event
  • Frost glasses
  • Prepare Garnishes
  • Mix Cocktails
  • Serve and Enjoy

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