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Best Galentines Day Cocktails- Sassy!

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Celebrate Your Girlfriends!

Galentines Day Cocktails- February 13, 2024



Enjoy the best Galentines Day cocktails on February 13th.  Galentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 13th in which ladies celebrate ladies, and gals celebrate how lucky they are to have each other. Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation sparked this new tradition over a decade ago, but the idea of enjoying girl time keeps growing.  Bring the Holiday cheer and a dash of Sass for your Besties!

Unlike Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day Parties seem to be trending from pink and demure to more raucous fun!  A new favorite holiday....Make it Bubbly.  Make it Sparkle.  Make it Festive AF.  Sip and enjoy Sassy Cocktail recipes…  Fresh squeezed Classic cocktails, Dessert Cocktails.  See our Bitchin’ Galentines Party Ideas and games below…



The Best Galentines Day Cocktails 

Bellini,  Martini, Margarita, Prosecco, Punch, Sangria, and Spritz – Oh My!  

Use a Cuss Kitchen® Party theme- and have your friends bring delicious appetizers, and desserts to go with all the Galentine’s Day cocktail recipes- ALL with Naughty, Nasty names!  We say this lovingly…Drink up Sassy Bitches!

She shed Joke Magnet


Galentines Day Cocktails

F*cking Werthy
Caramel and fudge Martini
Are the Ladies at your party worthy? Treat them to an infused Caramel Martini with Chocolate swirl. The perfect cocktail for Galentines or a Ladies Night In.
Are you Werthy?
Simple Cranberry Bourbon Sour
cranberry bourbon cocktail by
Bright, bubbly, beautiful - this Cranberry Bourbon Sour is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day!
YUM! Get this recipe.
Rossini Cocktail (Strawberry Bellini)
bubbly pink drink garnished with strawberry recipe by
This sweet, fizzy cocktail is a vibrant pink color, making it perfect for GALentine's Day.
Don't skip this recipe!
Shameless Tart
key lime pie flavored martini
The Shameless Tart is a Brazen Hussy of a Key Lime Pie Martini. It’s a tropical vacation on your tongue and the cocktail version of your favorite pie!
Step into paradise!
Sweet Revenge Punch
pink drink with ice garnished with lemon and rosymary
Get Sweet Revenge on your taste buds with this perfect Galentine’s Day Whiskey Punch. It has a pretty pink look and an enjoyable taste you will love (maybe too much)!
This goes down REALLY easy!
Winter White Sangria
white sangria with fruit slices and pomegranate seeds
This seasonal take on sangria has all the boozy components loved by traditional sangria recipes such as Cointreau, rum, and of course, lots of wine! This winter white sangria does however replace navel oranges for blood oranges,apples for pomegranate arils.
New Favorite Recipe!
Reconstituted VERgin
VER liqueur in front of palms. There are also two cocktails with rosemary garnish
The Reconstituted VERgin is a lovely multi-layered spritz with notes of herbs, spices, seeds, bark, mint, and the sparkle of Prosecco. Bubbles and Botanicals make this cocktail mysterious and complex
Refreshing Recipe
Raspberry Margarita
raspberry margarita in a martini glass recipe by
These Raspberry Margaritas bring a little tequila, Grand Marnier, and lime together for a delicious party cocktail. There is nothing quite like a Raspberry Margarita. Raspberries are delicate, sweet, flavorful, and a favorite of all ages with a mouth-watering taste sensation!
Galentines needs this recipe.
Rose Spritzer Cocktail
rose spritz recipe by
This quick and simple Rosé Spritzer is a gorgeous and delicious addition to any celebration. Made with fresh raspberries, jam, and a hint of mint, this bubbly refreshing cocktail is ready to serve in 5 minutes.
Bubbles! Need I say more?
Southern Humidititties
Cocktail with rose wine, vodka, citrus juices, rushed ice and pomegranate pearls.
Refreshing frozen Rose and Vodka cocktail with Grapefruit, Lemon, Pomegranate and Mint.
We all suffer humidiTitties let's make it fun!
Barbie meme

More Galentines Day Cocktails

Watermelon Spritzer cocktail
Sparkling Rose and Watermelon Cocktail
Check out this recipe
Sassy Sangria
Bourbon sangria
Bourbon White Sangria
Check out this recipe
Drunken MILF (Mango Lassi Cocktail)
mango lassi cocktail
Mango Lassi Recipe with Coconut Rum
Check out this recipe
Honey Dew Me
green drink in a margarita glass garnished with a lime in front of a wood background and limes
A delicious Honey Dew Melon Margarita with Midori
Check out this recipe
Harvest Hoe (Apple Butter Martini
martini made with fireball, apples, and cinnamon. rimmed with sugar and chipotle powder
Apple Butter Martini
Check out this recipe
The Stiffy (a Mezcal and Guajillo Pepper Cocktail)
glass with a ice and mezcal drink garnished with a lime and jalapeno- Stiffy
a Mezcal and Guajillo Pepper Cocktail
Check out this recipe
Heard that William Shatner had to discontinue his line of women's underwear. Apparently "Shatner panites" was a marketing nightmare

10 Great Galentines Day Party Activities

1. Wine and Chocolate Tasting

Fun and easy to pull off a wine tasting.  Chocolate tastings are fun too.  Buy 10 of the craziest chocolate flavors you can find  (Peanut Butter, Ginger, Chili, Lavender, Bacon, Mint, Cardamom Orange, Cherry, Hazelnut, Coconut to name a few).  Create blind tastings -and see who can get the most right


2. Secret Galentine Gift Exchange

Shouldn’t secret gift exchanges happen more than once a year?  Make it fun, silly and inexpensive.


3. Jewelry Making

Maybe your friends are creative?  Good food, Good Cocktails, and great friends make creating together so much fun.


4. Lawn Game Competition

How about Cornhole, Ring toss, even a water balloon event.  Create a crazy tournament!


5. Game Night

Always fun to get out some Board games- or even group online games like the ones offered by Jackbox


6. Cocktail Tasting

Always fun to try new Cocktail recipes!


7. Make Your Own Photo Booth

Decorate a fun photo area and set up silly props.  Make Memories


8. ‘Who Dunnit’ Game

Have your guests write one funny or crazy story about themselves (anonymously- and that no one would suspect) on an index card.  Have every one put the card in a basket.  Each lady pulls 1 card from the basket and reads it- The group guesses- ‘Who Dunnit’.  This game generates so many laughs- and is a great way to get to know friends better!


9. Old Fashioned Minute to Win it Games

Google ‘Minute to Win it Games’  This old popular game show generated alot of silly game ideas that are simple, inexpensive- and can truly make a party memorable.


10. Rude Food and Cocktail Night

Have a Cuss Kitchen® Party!   FUN AF!     Smiley face with sunglasses and thumbs-up hand signal

Ask your friends to bring and appetizer or cocktail with an extremely RUDE  name.  The laughs will never stop.  Take pictures or videos- Share with us- We would love to feature you and your friends

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Galentine's Day Sassy Recipes

Fun and Rude Cocktails for February 13th - Galentine's Day
Prep Time15 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: cocktails
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Cocktails with funny names for Galentines, Deliciously rude cocktails, Galentine's Day, Galentine's Day Cocktails, Galentine's Day Drinks, Galentines, Galentines Dessert, Rude Cocktails


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