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HEX my EX Collection

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Shouldn’t we have special food when thinking about our Ex-Spouses

                                                       (National Ex-Spouses Day April 14th)

or Divorce Parties?

Cuss Kitchen® is proud to give you the ‘Hex my Ex’ Collection

Are there funny cocktails for bad break ups?

Absof#ckinlutely!  There are funny cocktails that can help ease the pain of a bad breakup.  While these drinks may not heal a broken heart, they can provide a bit of humor and levity during a difficult time. So, next time you’re feeling blue after a breakup, consider gathering friends and mixing some funny cocktails from the Hex my Ex collection.  Cuss Kitchen® toasts you for your strength and courage – and especially the humor you can find from tough situations.

'Hex my Ex' Cocktails

The Reconstituted VERgin

A bubbly and botanical spritz.  It’s an earthy multi-layered cocktail with flavors of herbs, spices, bark and mint.

FRESH start. Reconstitute your VERginity.  

The Shameless Tart  

There’s one in every crowd right?  This is a blatant hussy of a cocktail- for when you have been dealt a ‘bowl of bad’.  Key lime pie in your favorite vodka?  That could help?

When all else fails tell them to supercalifuckilistic kissmyassadocious and have a cocktail

Poison Apple Cocktail


Poison Apple- Nuff said!

Corpse reviver 2 cocktail

Corpse Reviver 2    

This is a cocktail- and not the resolution to a bad decision!

Don’t fuel the Hate Fire… Have a light lemony cocktail instead

She shed Joke Magnet

Little Pecker Cocktail  

Do Cocktails remind you of him? Some ladies don’t appreciate little Peckers, but this one is worthy- a tropical gin cocktail that packs a zing!  It also features a gummy worm!

Dirty Frozen Banana Cocktail

If he did you wrong, sip on this ‘Dirty Banana’ Cocktail, instead of being married to one


Red-headed slut cocktail

Red Headed Slut

Watch out for those Red-Heads!  Sluts or Man-whores-  Bright and fiery so we can see them coming.

Pornstar Martini 

Because sometimes you’d just rather be with a Pornstar…


F#ckn Werthy

This caramel candy-infused cocktail may be the most shamelessly decadent Martini ever.  Bad week?  Bad month?  Do you deserve it?  


Ck Hump Day meme

'Hex my Ex' Sassy Food

Keep Calm and Curry On 

Just one Puff…  and Don’t Inhale!    Good Luck with that!  You definitely won’t want to stop at just one Puff.  Delicious!  Potatoes, onions and carrots in a savory curry flavor with a flaky puff pastry.

Kiss my Hass

Not a great cook? …Get Avo it!   This is the Kimchi Avocado toast you have been waiting for.  This is a vegetarian pleaser- with a creamy, tangy, Avo-Awesome profile.

Jerk Marinade

Eat jerk, but don’t be married to one! This Jerk Marinade is delicious & zesty. It’s perfect for pork or any poultry! 

Teenie Weenies

Size DOES matter when it comes to flavor, and these tasty snacks deliver HUGELY in that department.

Sleezy Capreezy

Tomato, Mozzarella, Pesto, and Balsalmic Caprese on Toast…Sexy …. Sleezy …. and oh so easy!


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