Mom Deserves gofts that Don't Suck

Homemade Chocolates for Mom (a Bad-A$$ Mom)

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Homemade Chocolates for Mom?   Is Mom a Bad A$$?  Surprising? Strong? Doesn’t take Sh#t?

With this in mind, She needs gifts that DON’T SUCK

Shower her with what she deserves- on her special day- and other days too!  Even better, tell her all of the reasons she rocks!

It’s coming fast, Sunday, May 14th, 2023- the day we celebrate Mom!   Interesting gift and homemade chocolates. Finally, what could be more perfect?


Most times my mother makes me laugh

Sometimes I think she’s insane

but then again she may take a look at me

And think the very same

                                                                                                                    -Samantha Blackwood


10 Reasons we love Mom

  1. She believes in us
  2. She shows us what strength is
  3. She knows how to keep a secret
  4. She shows us her love through her cooking
  5. She believes we could do anything
  6. She’s the first person we call when we have good news.
  7. She gives us sound advice, even when we don’t want it
  8. She is selfless
  9. She constantly sacrificed for her family and the people she loves
  10. She’s a Bad-A$$ Mom

But what kind of chocolate is good enough for mom?

Try our homemade chocolate recipes…easy to make milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate candies, chocolate truffles and chocolate bars – Of course, Mom will love them

Homemade Chocolates for Mom

This is a TikTok Inspired Snickers Date first developed by Emily Mariko.  The Chocolate Gobsmackers recipe is different and delicious.  It starts with a Chocolate dipped Date, Peanut Butter, and Pecan, garnished with Sea salt.
Turtles are a combination of pecans and caramel dipped in chocolate. Of course, when you buy them, they are shaped like a small turtle- but make , homemade chocolates .  They are so much better
Dip creamy peanut butter fudge hearts in decadent chocolate ganache to make these amazing heart-shaped candies. Additionally, these chocolates make great gifts. Make chocolate at home!

More Beautiful Chocolates for Mom

Bourbon Balls  These are Adult-only boozy Chocolates! You will be able to taste the Bourbon flavor in our Luscious Balls.  Additionally, we think it makes them complex and interesting
Enjoy the filling, which  is smooth, creamy, and somewhat sweet. with a pleasant mouthfeel when you bite into it.  What’s more, you can choose smoky chipotle, peppermint, or something else- you will feel like you have created a classic.  Delicious!
These sweet, creamy little bites are every bit, if not more, delicious as the store-bought peanut butter cups that we all know and love. But then, any homemade treat always tastes better, doesn’t it?


Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

Mini bite-size pieces of cheesecake covered in a delicious chocolate shell coating.  Mom will love them.  In addition, all of her family and friends will love them too. Gorgeous cheese and chocolate flavor in mini homemade chocolate bars.

Easy No Bake Potato Chip Cookies with Peanut Butter

Are you a salty sweet lover? If so, these 3-ingredient no bake potato chip cookies are for you. Quick, easy and so satisfyingly crunchy! Furthermore, Chocolate, peanut butter and potato chips come together in the perfect sweet treat that will have you reaching for more.

Homemade Mounds or Bounty Chocolate bars are always a crowd pleaser. In addition, they also make perfect gifts when wrapped up in small boxes and adorned in some ribbon or bows! Of course, You will love this chocolate recipe


These key lime pie truffles have a silky smooth, white chocolate key lime ganache rolled in graham cracker crumbs. Of course, If you love key lime pie, you’ll love these fresh key lime truffles, and they’re surprisingly easy!
These chocolate hazelnut balls are made from only 5 simple ingredients, so they taste very natural and get a lot of flavor from the chocolate and hazelnuts. In addition, they have a mild vanilla flavor as well and have a slightly nutty texture you’ll love. Make chocolates!
No imitation lemon here, the creamy center of these truffles are full of bright sweet lemon flavor. The perfect dessert for lemon lovers!  Make this recipe.

5 Ingredient Nutella Truffles

Nutella Truffles! Healthy truffles made with only 5 ingredients! Vegan, gluten free and naturally sweetened. Of course, you’ve gotta make these!

Chocolate Pie

Pictures of this berry dessert are decadent, sinful, hedonistic…but not nearly as amazing as the taste of the pie itself.  Despite being so simple to make,  it does take 2 hours to refrigerate.   So worth it.  Likely to become your go-to chocolate recipe.

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