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It’s Not Easy Being Green – A collection of festive green cocktails

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Our 10 favorite Green Cocktails for 2024

Green beer and boozy drinks with green food coloring not for you?  We think you should love Green Cocktails on St. Patrick’s Day AND throughout the year.  Green Apple, Green Tea, Melon, Mint, or Cucumber – so many delicious flavors to choose.

Gone are the days of Crème de menthe and Schnapps green drinks (that only a leprechaun could love).   We are fortunate to have so many new and exciting green cocktail recipes.  Green is the way to add some fun and variety to your party menus, and the ingredients to make them can be found all year round

Check out the Best Green Cocktails for your next party, and….. “As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction”



Boozy Leprechaun Pineapple juice and blue curacao mixed together to create a festive green colored cocktail that fits right in for your St. Patty’s celebrations.




cocktail sits in front of a bottle of club soda absente and gin with a lemon a alcohol measuring jigger

Horny Fairy

The Horny Fairy is an aromatic cocktail of gin, absinthe, club soda, and a twist of lime.  A delicious Absinthe cocktail.  Who doesn’t want to see the fairies on St. Patrick’s Day?




Emerald Sunrise Forget the green beer! Celebrate in style with an Emerald Sunrise; a St Patrick’s Day cocktail that puts a beautiful spin on a Tequila Sunrise. Make it layered and pretty, or mixed and green through and through; either way, it’s delicious!




champagne glass with prossecco, Ver liqueur, ginger soda garnished with an apple and sprig of rosemary
Reconstituted VERgin   The Reconstituted VERgin is a lovely multi-layered spritz with notes of herbs, spices, seeds, bark, mint, and the sparkle of Prosecco.  Bubbles and Botanicals make this cocktail mysterious and complex




Green Eyes Cocktail   This cocktail is a bit sweet, and a little tart with pretty color and a nice boozy kick.






Midori Sour This take on the classic Midori Sour only takes 4 simple ingredients and a few minutes to make. The flavor is the perfect balance of sweet and sour.





green drink in a margarita glass garnished with a lime in front of a wood background and limes

Honey Dew Me   Needing a little special attention?  We know what’s #1 on your Honey Dew list!  Enjoy a Melon Margarita – A blend of fresh, sweet and tart – a vacation in your cocktail glass.   A great twist on the classic.  This is the Margarita recipe you will serve again and again.



Gin Basil Smash  This Gin Basil Smash is a refreshing summer cocktail recipe! Made with lemon and basil herb Italian flavors






Liquid Luck Rainbow Irish Whiskey Cocktail  The luck of the Irish with a pop of color in every sip!






Tokyo Iced Tea  This variation of the classic Long Island Iced tea cocktail has a delicious Japanese twist. The famous Midori liqueur made in Tokyo gives it a delicious melon flavor and bright green color.




Scooby Snack Shot  is a shot made with sweet liqueurs and creamy whipped cream. It’s pretty green hue and tropical taste makes it hard to resist just one! I bet Shaggy would agree.





Great appetizers for Green Cocktails

Corned Beef slider with sweet mustard and pickled slaw


Blarney Busters  Blarney Busters are a delicious Peach-Glazed, Roasted Corned Beef Slider…You will LOVE them for St. Patrick’s Day, but crave them all year long


pastry rolled in a pinwheel filled with mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and beef


Sheep Thrills  Baaad Shepherd!….but, Great appetizer Ewe will love!   Seasoned Ground Beef, with small pieces of potatoes, peas, and carrots- an easy Shepard’s Pie in flakey puff pastry.  All the nostalgia and savory flavor of a simple Shepherd’s Pie in a delicious pinwheel appetizer with minced vegetables and a delicious brown puff pastry crust.  Golden light and delicious-  so hard to stop eating!


Sliced cucumbers with lox and soft cheese


Skinny Bitch Thingomof*ckers    Skinny Bitch Thingomof*ckers are a favorite appetizer to bring to parties. How about something light and refreshing for a change?  These appetizers are so delicious and stand out amid so many heavy dishes- Thingomof*ckers are a beautiful combination of English Cucumber, Boursin Cheese, Smoked Salmon Lox, and fresh Dill.  Your Keto friends will love you, and those Skinny Bitches will secretly gobble these up!


fruit appetizer - grapes covered with cheese and crushed pistachos

Ball Busters   Our Ball Busters are sweet, fresh grapes covered in a creamy cheese spread with a salty and crunchy pistachio coating.  A delicious and surprising fruit appetizer that is Keto and vegetarian friendly.  This grape cheese appetizer is perfect for that last minute invitation, Ladies Night in, or family event.


Fun Bar and Kitchen Towels

Shut Up Liver, You’re Not the Boss of Me Towel
No Bitchin’ in my Kitchen Towel
Swearing is my Superpower Towel

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