fruit appetizer - grapes covered with cheese and crushed pistachos

Ball Busters (Cheese and Pistachio-covered Grapes)

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Ball Busters – Cheese and Pistachio-covered Grapes


Ball Busters

Cheese and Pistachio-covered grapes

WTF!  I have to bring a dish to pass in < 1 hr?  You know those last minute requests…Ball Busters!

Our Ball Busters are sweet, fresh grapes covered in a creamy cheese spread with a salty and crunchy pistachio coating.  A delicious and surprising fruit appetizer that is Keto and vegetarian friendly.  This grape cheese appetizer is perfect for that last minute invitation, Ladies Night in, or family event.

There aren’t enough 15 minute appetizers in this world.  Even fewer 3 ingredient appetizers.  Ball Busters are fun, different, bougie and fast- The perfect cure for the Ball Busters in your life!




  • Fresh seedless grapes
  • Alouette Cheese spread
  • Pistachios

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Why do cheese and grapes go so well together?

Cheese and grapes have been paired together for centuries, and there’s a good reason why they complement each other so well. Cheese is a rich, savory food that can have a range of flavors, from creamy and nutty to sharp and tangy. The sweetness of grapes, which can range from tart to juicy, acts as the perfect counterbalance to the rich and salty flavors of cheese. The acidity of grapes also helps to cut through the fat of the cheese, leaving a refreshing and palate-cleansing sensation. Additionally, grapes contain tannins, which give them a slight bitterness that pairs perfectly with the pungent and earthy notes found in a wide variety of cheeses. Overall, the combination of cheese and grapes is a match made in culinary heaven and is loved by foodies and wine lovers alike.


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Ball Busters – Try delicious Cheese and Pistachio-covered grapes

fruit appetizer - grapes covered with cheese and crushed pistachos
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Ball Busters

Boursin Cheese Grape and Pistachio-covered grapes appetizer
Prep Time15 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Keyword: 15 minute appetizer, 3 ingredient appetizer, alouette cheese, Ball Buster, easy appetizer, fast appetizers, fruit appetizer, grape and cheese appetizer, Grape cheese and Pistachio appetizer, seedless grape, Table grape
Yield: 18


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  • 18-24 Fresh Seedless grapes
  • 6.5 oz Alouette Cheese- Garlic and Herb
  • 1 cup Finely cut Pistachio nuts Buy the shelled Pistachios


  • Finely dice Pistachios and place on a plate. Set aside
  • Rinse and dry seedless grapes
  • Put a large scoop of Alouette cheese in a plastic sandwich bag
  • Add 3 grapes to the bag of cheese, and gently push the cheese around the grapes to cover each grape as fully as possible
  • Drop the cheese covered grapes into the chopped pistachios and roll them until each grape is coated with nuts
  • Add toothpicks to the centers of the grapes
  • Place on a tray and repeat with remaining grapes

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fruit appetizer - grapes covered with cheese and crushed pistachos


These are a favorite fast and delicious appetizer.  Loved by adults and kids alike.  They can be made ahead and refrigerated



Amp up the Romance!  This grape and cheese appetizer is a perfect and easy complement to 2 glasses of Prosecco

Wonderful around a pool for summer entertaining



Mix It Up

Red grape, Black grapes, Table grapes- just make sure they are clean and seedless

Many different types of cheese spreads will work.  I also love Boursin and Rondele cheese for this fruit appetizer

Pecans can also substitute for Pistachios


Perfect Pairing

Ver inspired champagne sparkling wine cocktailThe Reconstituted VERgin is a lovely multi-layered botanical spritz cocktail with notes of herbs, spices, seeds, bark, mint, and the sparkle of Prosecco.  Light and perfect summer cocktail.  Bubbles and Botanicals make this cocktail mysterious and complex




Limoncello spritzers on a tray  Mutha Pucker Limoncello Spritz  The Mutha Pucker Spritz combines two of Italy’s Great Triumphs- Limoncello and the Spritz.  Italy has mastered the art of a simple aperitivo, or light drink before dinner at a casual café.  No need to rush, just relax and unwind with the beautiful tastes of lemon in an effervescent cocktail. The ‘Muther Pucker Spritz’ has just 3 ingredients.  Limoncello, Prosecco, and Club Soda.

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  1. These are the appetizer to bring to a party- simple, but such a great combination of tastes. My guests loved them

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