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Smokin Hot Appetizers (a Grilling Recipe Roundup)

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Appetizers for the Grill

your next Barbeque

Cookouts tend to be relaxed affairs, and SMOKIN HOT appetizers can be a great part of your meal plan, especially if you your friends love small and interesting bites. Below, you’ll find the most interesting meal starters to set out as friends arrive, including lots of options you can easily tote to someone else’s cookout.

Great recipes for outdoor cooking inspiration…

Here is why SMOKIN HOT appetizers rock

  1. Quick and easy: Grilling appetizers is typically fast and straightforward, making it a convenient option when you’re short on time but still want to impress your guests- and guests love small bites, and sampling a little bit of everything.

  2. Full of flavor: Grilling adds a unique smoky flavor to appetizers that you can’t achieve through other cooking methods, enhancing the overall taste of the dish.

  3. Versatile: You can grill a wide variety of appetizers, from vegetables and skewers to sliders, flatbreads, and seafood, allowing you to experiment with different flavors and ingredients.  Pretty sure your next favorite appetizers will be GRILLED.

  4. Perfect for entertaining: Grilled appetizers are perfect for serving at parties, barbecues, and gatherings, as they can be easily prepared in batches and are always a hit with guests.

  5. Minimal cleanup: Grilling appetizers means less mess in the kitchen, as there are fewer pots and pans to clean up afterwards, making it a convenient option for entertaining.

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Grilled Appetizer Recipes

bacon wrapped shrimp on sweet potato round with BBQ sauce

Shrimply BadA$$  Get Ready to ‘Pimp your Shrimp’!  BBQ Bacon wrapped Shrimp and Sweet Potato smothered with Rufus Teague spicy BBQ Sauce.  An appetizer you will keep going back to because they are ‘Shrimply Bad-A$$’!

Cheesesteak Jalapeño Poppers

These Spicy Steak-Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers are a must-try! This spicy twist on the traditional jalapeño popper is a flavor explosion, thanks to the irresistible blend of spicy jalapeños, savory steak, creamy and tangy cheeses, and smoky bacon. 


Chicken Yakatori

  Yakitori (焼き鳥) is one of the most popular and well-known dishes in Japan. Available in supermarkets, shopping centers, food courts, and food stands, you don’t have to go far to get your fill of these convenient little chicken skewers. A delicious grilled chicken recipe

Grilled Chimichurri Shrimp  is an herbaceous and flavor-packed dish perfect for the heat of summer. The shrimp are marinated in a garlicky, bright chimichurri that also gets mixed into a creamy dipping sauce. Juicy, vinegary, and full of flavor, these shrimp are always a crowd pleaser!

Chop It Like It’s HOT!

Authentic Pork Satay Skewers   Indulge in this delicious Authentic Pork Satay, marinated in flavorful spices, grilled or baked to perfection, and served with a mouthwatering creamy peanut dipping sauce. Enjoy every savory bite!

Texas Twinkies  Enjoy roasted jalapeño peppers stuffed with smoked brisket and cream cheese filling. It’s the perfect snack or appetizer for your cook out or just an easy way to utilize left over brisket for your next dinner.





rectangle crackers with bacon brown sugar and japapenos

Spiced Bacon Crack-er  You will love these buttery crackers with sweet, salty, chipotle, jalapeno, and thick cut bacon.  The combination of sweet and spicy makes these appetizers irresistible -crispy, crunchy, sweet & savory.   This is the simple grilled appetizer you have been looking for- Mouth watering finger food

Grilled Brie Appetizer  This Grilled Brie Appetizer with Balsamic Strawberries is the perfect, ridiculously easy appetizer for your next cook-out! Sweet from the strawberries, a bit of tart from the balsamic and so creamy.- Such an easy recipe, and delicious with little toasts.

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A Turn-on for your grill

SMOKIN HOT Appetizers 

Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms   with sausage and smoked Gouda cheese are easy to prepare and cooked on your grill or Big Green Egg in minutes. With succulent juicy mushrooms and savory sausage filling, these grilled mushrooms with cheese are SO full of smoky delicious flavor. You will love this easy BBQ appetizer.

Marinated Grilled Artichokes

 These  artichoke halves are tangy, salty, slightly sweet, and smoky with all the background notes from the garlic and ginger. The artichokes stay juicy during the cooking and eating process, so you’ll definitely want a napkin to catch those drips!  Makes a gorgeous platter.



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Grilling Greats

Bacon-wrapped pickles

DILLIGAF  Crunchy, tangy, delicious and smokey- Smoked Bacon-wrapped pickles.  A fantastic combination you haven’t even imagined, (but will love).   Enjoy these as an appetizer, tasty snack, or as part of an extraordinary Bloody Mary.  Those briny little devils will be the hit of your next party. Easy recipe- crispy and delicious

Smoked Cream Cheese

  This smoked cream cheese dip is a viral TikTok recipe that’s not only incredibly creamy and smooth but also boasts a rich, smoky flavor with a hint of jalapeno heat and a subtle cheesy tang-Great pairing of flavors.  It’s a real crowd-pleaser that’s surprisingly easy to make, and looks amazing.


Greek Grilled Octopus with Lemon Sauce   Transport yourself to the Mediterranean with this exquisite Greek style grilled octopus recipe. The tender and succulent octopus tentacles are infused with a harmonious blend of herbs and vegetables, creating a perfect balance of flavors.

grilled steamed oysters with toppings of green onion, backon, cheese, and rockafeller sauce

Mother Shuckers   These Mother Shuckers will win you over!  Who wouldn’t love Smoky Char- grilled Oysters with a zesty garlic butter sauce, green onion, bacon, sausage, and cheese?   This is a delicious recipe that produces the best stuffed oysters.  Easy and simple oyster recipe with a charcoal grill, gas grill, or Big Green Egg

SMOKIN HOT Appetizers

Sensational and Savory

peach slices on whipped feta topping a roasemary foccacia toast point

Whip It Good   Sharp, tangy Feta is whipped into a delectable frenzy of flavor, with Greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon, and red pepper flakes. Next, it’s layered atop buttery, lightly toasted focaccia bread, and crowned with peaches that have been sweetly caramelized by roasting or grilling. A final drizzle of rich, dark balsamic vinegar glaze, and a dusting of crunchy pine nuts & fragrant rosemary really make this appetizer SING!

Grilled Paneer Fruit Skewers  with Sweet Asian Chili Lime Drizzle is pretty much my dream appetizer. It’s a healthy, sweet and salty fusion of global cuisine served on a stick. No fuss, no muss (or is that mess) and oh, so delicious. These kabobs are also great on a salad.

Grilled Plantains

  Grilling is the new way to go with Plantains.   This way you can achieve the ultimate smokey taste-  with flavorful smokey paprika! Perfect for a foodie pot luck.

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Smokin' Hot Apptizers from the Grill

Smokin' Hot Appetizers from the grill (A BBQ recipe roundup)
Prep Time30 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
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  • Grill
  • Green Egg
  • Smoker


  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Meats


  • Grill and Swill

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