Oaks Lilly Punch with cranberry, lemonade, blackberries, vodka, orange liquer

Lusty Lilly (A Kentucky Derby inspired cocktail)

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Lusty Lilly

A Kentucky Derby inspired cocktail

After partaking in this refreshing punch based on the Kentucky Derby Oaks Lily recipe, you may have a bad reputation.  This cocktail will sneak up on you, especially on a hot Derby-watching day.

Oaks Lilly Punch with cranberry, lemonade, blackberries, vodka, orange liquerAccording to Liquor.com :

“The Kentucky Oaks takes place at Churchill Downs the day before the Kentucky Derby. Rather than simply doubling up on juleps, the race serves its own signature cocktail to attendees. The light, refreshing drink takes its inspiration from the Cosmopolitan and features vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup. So, it’s everything you want on a warm day.

The cocktail’s pink hue is a nod to the garland of stargazer lilies placed on the race’s winning filly, as well as the race’s association with breast cancer awareness. To support the cause, attendees often don pink attire, from suits and dresses to elaborate hats, and selflessly order Oaks Lillies throughout the day.”

Lusty Lilly

In the Cuss Kitchen version of this classic drink, we make it a bitch, I mean BATCH style drink.  We also opted for our new favorite vodka, 5 Sisters.  5 Sisters Spirit Vodka is locally distilled in Florida and includes a secret ingredient that they import from Ireland.  And you know how us Irish know our liquors…. this sh*t is GOOD.  So much so that we broke up with TITO (aka Titos Vodka).

The Lusty Lilly cocktail was a great addition to our Cuss Kitchen Kentucky Derby Party – for the beautiful race that takes place the first Saturday in May each year.  The Lusty Lilly was a perfect compliment to Bitchin’ Barb’s Hot Brown Casserole!

What about the Kentucky Derby Thoroughbreds for 2023?

The Kentucky Derby is restricted to 3 year-old race horses-  and are only eligible once in their lives.  The horses must be nominated to the Triple Crown and then score enough points to be eligible for the Kentucky Derby.

Heavy kitchen bar towel that says " Swearing is my Superpower"

Kentucky Derby Inspired Cocktail – Lusty Lilly

Adaption of the Oaks Lily cocktail recipe, made famous during Kentucky Derby Weekend. This punch features 5 Sisters Vodka, and should be the signature drink of your Derby party. (The righteous libation for any horse race!)

  • 24 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 8 oz Lemonade ((like minute maid))
  • 8 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau
  • 10 oz Vodka ((we used 5 Sisters))
  • 1 pint Blackberries ((garnish))
  • 2 Lemons ((sliced – garnish))
  1. Combine cranberry, lemonade, orange liqueur, and vodka in a pitcher – stir and pour

  2. Serve over crushed ice, and garnish each glass with blackberries and a lemon slice.

  3. Celebrate

Skinny Cocktail

The use of prepared lemonade eliminates the need for simple syrup.  We actually used “diet” or light lemonade and there was no sacrifice of taste.  Perfect for you Skinny B#tches!

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