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do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

five sisters vodka
Caramel infused vodka martini

F’ckn Werthy Martini

F’ckn Werthy  (Caramel and Chocolate Martini) This candy-infused cocktail may be the most shamelessly decadent Martini ever… Are you Werthy?   Yes? Should you apologize for

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Two stemmed martini glasses with dark (almost black) crumbs around the rims, each filled with a dark chocolate brown, creamy opaque liquid. The martini glasses are sitting on a black table, surrounded by coffee beans, a few green leaves and blurred burgundy cloth napkins in the background.

French Kiss Chocolate Martini

French Kiss Chocolate Martini There is nothing, and I mean nothing like a chocolate martini. This deliciously sophisticated version takes it to the next level, combining

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Cocktail with Kahlula, Baileys, Cream, and Frozen Coffee.

Perky Nipple Cocktail

Perky Nipple Let me explain. This cocktail starts with intense, dark roast coffee ice cubes at its core.  Add to that a shot of deep,

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