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4 Fabulous Barbecue Tips for Top Flavor

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There’s no denying that the number one taste of summer is the classic barbecue. When the flames are roaring, the burgers are sizzling and the side dishes are carefully prepared in the kitchen, everything in life is good. You might be the dedicated barbecue boss in your household, or it might be up to your partner to take the reins. But, one thing you need to know is that it’s all about the flavor. Whether you’re cooking up flavorsome appetizers, or grilling some sizzling sausages, there is so much you can do with different flavors to create the best barbecue dishes you’ve ever had. With this in mind, here are four fabulous barbecue tips to help you achieve top flavors with ease.

1. Get Your Spices Just Right

It’s so important to use high quality and delicious spices when you’re cooking on a grill. You don’t want your meat to become overpowered with the natural aromas from the grill, so how do you know what to turn to for the most delectable barbecue dishes? You may want to try smoked spices to bring out a fragrant and delicious taste in all of your summer dishes first and foremost. As soon as you get a taste for these incredible flavors you’ll never go back! Perfect for those of us that don’t have a smoker.

Smoked Poultry Rub
smoked poultry rub for chicken or turkey
warm spices of cumin, chili powder, and chipotle with rosemary and thyme
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2. Try Veggie Options

If you’re not a meat eater, there is still so much you can do when it comes to trying veggie options on the grill. Corn on the cob, courgette kebabs and halloumi burgers are all rich in flavor and can easily be seasoned to compete with other meaty competitors on the barbecue this summer season.  A fun twist on cornbread is to grill your corn first!

Off the Cob
southern corn bread
Southern Sweet and Savory Cornbread
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3. Marinate in Advance

No matter how much delicious flavoring you have to add to your burgers, ribs and other meat items, you need to marinate in advance in order to get the most out of the flavor. When it comes to marinating meat, you need to repeat the process a couple of times so that the flavors are truly embedded into the meat. Keep your chicken, burgers or sausages in the refrigerator to ensure your marinade has time to sink into the meat and create maximum flavors. Try mixing your go-to dry herbs and spices with honey, soy sauce or sweet chili for an added punch of fantastic flavor.

Fowl Smoke
smoked turkey on the big green egg
Smoked or oven baked turkey (chicken) with a chili powder & cumin based poultry rub
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4. Don’t Overcook Your Meat

Although you don’t want to risk giving anyone food poisoning, you should try to avoid overcooking your meat. Use a meat thermometer to gage whether the meat is cooked through and take it off the flames as soon as it’s done.

Barbecuing is all about getting your flavors just right and making sure that you make the most of the ingredients you have in front of you. Whether you’re investing in some delicious new spices, or you’re carefully choosing your meat from a trusted supplier, there is so much barbecue preparation you can do ahead of time. As the summer months rapidly approach, now is the time to get creative and dust off your barbecue in preparation for the best season of the year!

Mother Shuckers (Chargrilled Oysters)
oysters on the grill with toppings of green onion, and bacon
Simple Oysters on the grill
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