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do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

naughty recipe
crispy wonton wrapper made into a bowl holding asian stir fry turkey and veggies

Naked Egg Roll

This appetizer is too blessed to be dressed, naked, unafraid, and letting it all hang out! The Naked Egg Roll maintains the crunchy and flavorful

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grilled steamed oysters with toppings of green onion, backon, cheese, and rockafeller sauce

Mother Shuckers

Mother Shuckers Are you an Oyster lover?  These Mother Shuckers will win you over!  Who wouldn’t love Smokey Oysters grilled with a zesty garlic butter

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Puff Pastry with Fillings. Whipped topping and Fruit


Promiscu-Puffs Look up promiscuous in any dictionary, and you’ll see words like easy and fast. Not complimentary for people, (you know who you are,) but when

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