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do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

keto appetizer
watermelon chunks with feta cheese cut in a star with a leaf of basil on top a pipette filled with balsamic vinegar is stuck in the watermelon

Easy Peasy Melon Squeezy

Melon Squeezy?  ALWAYS be cautious of people trying to squeeze your melons! Today we’re talking about sweet watermelon rounds with feta cheese and savory balsamic

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Campri tomatoes stuffed with black bean hummus and spicy guacamole

Whoop hAss

Bring the Whoop hAss to your next party!   This appetizer creates an explosion of freshness in your mouth-fresh and bright tomato cups, matched with the

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finished jalapeno popper with bacon

JalaPenis Poppers

Jalapenis Poppers These are a party favorite. Lucious Alouette cheese, savory and slightly smokey pepper- followed by a zingy pop.  Roasting jalapenos make them mild

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