clamato, mexican beer, sangrita, and garnish - michelada

Beer-ded Clam (Homemade Michelada Cocktail)

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Michelada ingredients at a party

Beer-ded Clam (Homemade Michelada Cocktail)

This XXX cocktail features cold, frothy beer, savory Clamato juice, Sangrita lime, and Tajin making this Homemade Michelada Cocktail –“Micheloaded”. Ooooh, yes, please!

Don’t even try to tell us you’ve never heard the phrase “bearded clam.” Maybe as a tongue-in-cheek reference to female anatomy? Possibly as the cheeky name of your local pub? Perhaps even as the restaurant in Grand Theft Auto?….but you’re about to know our Beer-ded Clam (talk about literal!) as your standout favorite new cocktail! Not only is it beyond tasty and refreshing, but some claim this beverage contains mythical hangover-curing abilities. Imagine all the fun you can have creating a hangover, without ever having to suffer through it! We’re SOLD!!

This Mexican-inspired Bloody Mary cocktail perfectly pairs with your Cinco de Mayo brunch.

We all know that beer-ded clams of every type, (you know exactly what we mean) absolutely love to be taken to the next level! Go ahead….enjoy!


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Make a Spicy Michelada Cocktail

clamato, mexican beer, sangrita, and garnish - michelada
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Beer'ded Clam

Classic Michelada with sangrita
Prep Time3 minutes
Total Time3 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Mexican
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Yield: 1
Author: Day Drinker


  • 1 Mexican Beer
  • 2 oz Viuda De Sanchez Sangrita
  • ½ oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 2 oz Clamato Juice
  • Tajin


  • sliced limes
  • olives
  • bacon
  • shrimp
  • olives
  • celery


  • Use a lime to wet the rim of a pint glass and dip in the Tajin
  • Combine beer, Sangrita, lime juice, & Clamato
  • Add a little ice and stir
  • Garnish your drink with celery, olives, shrimp, bacon and a lime

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What is Sangrita?

Sangrita is a Mexican non-alcoholic beverage, you can drink  as a chaser to high-end Tequilas.  It is a simple mix of spices and juices that complements Tequila.  Enjoy it in alternating sips with Tequila.  Additionally, sweet and spicy Sangrita cleanses and brightens your palate.  Recipes for Sangrita vary- most feature tomato juice, while other recipes focus on orange and lime.  New and innovative Sangritas include Clamato, grapefruit, and even cucumber.

What is Tajin

Tajin is a popular Mexican seasoning blend that is made primarily from dried chili peppers, lime juice, and salt. Try Tajin as a  rim for savory cocktails. You can use it as a condiment or sprinkle on top of fruits, vegetables, and even savory dishes.

The tangy and slightly spicy flavor of Tajin comes from the combination of the chili peppers and the lime juice, which also adds a zesty freshness to the blend. Try Tajin as an addition to fruit salads, grilled meats, and even popcorn. It is also a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine, and it can be used in marinades, sauces, and dips.

Tajin is increasingly popular in the United States, and it is common to find on grocery store shelves or in restaurants across the country. With its unique flavor and versatility, Tajin is sure to become a staple in any kitchen.


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Micheladas FAQ’s


What is a Spicy Michelada Cocktail?

Michelada is a beloved Mexican cocktail made with beer, lime juice, hot sauce, and a variety of spices and seasonings. The result is a perfectly balanced and complex drink that is equally satisfying on a hot summer day or a cozy evening in. Additionally, Micheladas are  extremely versatile- you can add your favorite ingredients to create your own signature version.

Whether you prefer it spicy or mild, savory or sweet, a Michelada is a great way to mix up your usual drink routine and experience something new and delicious. So go ahead, give it a chance and see what all the fuss is about- you won’t be disappointed.


How should I garnish a Michelada?

When it comes to garnishing a Michelada, there are options and traditions to consider. Consider garnishes that include a slice of lime or lemon on the glass, a pinch of salt or Tajin around the rim, and a celery stalk or cucumber slice as a stirrer.

Get creative and add a bacon strip, chunk of sausage, shrimp or oyster on the rim for a more elaborate garnish. Another key ingredient in a Michelada is Worcestershire sauce, which should be added to taste. Whatever garnish you choose, remember that the Michelada is a versatile drink that can vary widely in taste based on your preferences and the ingredients you choose to add. So don’t be afraid to experiment and add your own twist to this popular Mexican cocktail. Cheers!


Why would I enjoy a Michelada?

Enjoy a Michelada for its bold, and spicy flavor.  Also known as a Mexican Bloody Mary, the hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and spices give the cocktail a complex flavor profile that is savory and slightly tangy.  Additionally, the Michelada is a great option the next time you feel like a more savory beer cocktail.


Why is Clamato juice used in cocktails?

Clamato juice was invented as a take-off of Manhattan Clam Chowder.  Today’s Clamato juice, made by Motts, is a combination of tomato juice, clam broth, and spice.  Hence, you can use Clamato to make savory drinks like Clamato Beer cocktails, such as the Michelada, or spicy Bloody Mary.


Can I make my own homemade Clamato juice?

Choose a good quality tomato juice, and natural clam broth or clam juice.  The ideal ratio is between 2:1 and 3:1 of tomato juice to clam juice, depending on your taste preferences.  Mix the two juices together and you will have authentic clamato juice – just as they first made it in Mexico

Additionally, You may add a dash or two of Worcestershire, hot sauce, pepper, salt, and/or onion powder to spice up your Clamato juice.


Do restaurants serve Micheladas? 

Restaurants love beer cocktails that do not require a liquor license. What’s more, many restaurants and alchemists have taken the Michelada to the next level by using different hot sauces, chili peppers, spices, fruit- and even seafood garnishes-like grilled shrimp.  Pair Spicy Micheladas with savory foods and Mexican-inspired dishes.

Do Micheladas really help with hangovers?

The secret ingredient is the same as in the Bloody Mary.  The tomato juice in your spicy beer cocktail provides electrolytes and hydration as well as vitamin C and B16.  Additionally, instead of the Vodka used in the Bloody Mary, the Michelada features Beer- which is less likely to give you another hangover.  For this reason, bartenders often serve Micheladas as hangover cures.  The Hangover Cure Cocktail!


What do they call Michelada Cocktails in Canada?

Canada makes Clamato and beer drinks too.  The most basic Red beer is known as a “beer ‘n clam”, “Clam Eye”, or “Red Eye” in Western Canada, (Clamato to pale lagers.)

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  1. This is a fun drink to make! I first had it in Spain actually but have always wanted to try the authentic version. Glad I stumbled on your recipe.

  2. This Michelada has just the right spice- and I love all the garnishes piled high. I never thought of this as a hangover drink-but I might try it

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