Collage of alcohol infused desserts

Deliciously Boozy Desserts

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Cooking and Cussing with Booze

It goes without saying that alcohol adds spice to life, (occasionally a little too much spice!) and unparalleled flavor to cooking. So it stands to reason that alcohol, in all its glorious forms, adds a layer of complexity and deliciousness to desserts.  Red wine and liqueurs pair perfectly with chocolate, taking the flavor to a whole new level. The sweet taste of a fruit dessert is deliciously balanced by the strength and sharpness of flavored liqueur, creating a perfect mingling of flavors that go well beyond the ordinary. In our recipe collection so far, alcohol plays a key palate-pleasing role in several desserts, including;


And with names like those, how could alcohol NOT add to the fun? Our pro tip: Break out the good stuff when adding spirits to desserts – whatever you enjoy in a glass is worth adding to your dessert masterpiece. Experiment and enjoy, it will not disappoint!  Who knows – we may even liven things up with a dessert flambé at some point in the future. Alcohol meets fire…what could go wrong

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