do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

oreo chocolate truffle

Whore-eos (Chocolate Oreo Truffles)

Whore-eos (Chocolate Oreo Truffles)   Like a good whore, this 3 ingredient dessert goes everywhere- and is Oh-so-Easy – Orgasmic! This melt-in-your-mouth, easy Oreo truffle

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Sweet and Spicy Gourmet Nut Mix

Love Nuts (Gourmet Glazed Nuts)

Love Nuts Who doesn’t Gourmet Glazed nuts?  Crunch on the perfect combination of sweet, salty, bold, and flavorful- with a little kick of chipotle spice. 

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Bourbon balls

Luscious Balls (Bourbon Balls)

Luscious Balls Everyone appreciates Lucious Balls!  Chocolate Bourbon balls with Hazelnuts, and Animal crackers- Oh My! Savor our Adult-only boozy Chocolates! You will be able

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